Nothing can harsh your mellow, because you’re in your element now. You were born for the festival lifestyle, because all you need is the music, your fellow fans, and a soft patch of grass. You don’t have to go through the bag check line – all you’re bringing are good vibes. Your favorite view of the crowd is from up in the air. You’ll lose your spot, but it’s worth it to feel the hands of your fellow fans holding you up as you surge towards the stage. This is it, man! This is what life is all about. Your nomadic lifestyle makes it easy to attend fests – you might even own a van. Okay, you probably own a van. But not in a creepy way – you just want to sleep under the stars, and be able to take your friends with you. Because you’ve never met a stranger, and festivals are your spot to give everyone free hugs. You’re just happy to be a part of the music community, and you’ve followed a band or two around the country. Hey, you’ve got the tie dyed tanks to prove it. Every day’s an adventure for you, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You ARE the Landmark Music Festival Crowdsurfer.

Crowd Photo by Jack Edinger
Photo by Jack Edinger

Photo by Nick Simonite

Crowd Photo by Lou Foglia
Photo by Lou Foglia