#TBT: Rebirth Brass Band

You know them now…but what did they sound like way back when?


Grammy Award winning Rebirth Brass Band has been bringing New Orleans-style jazz to audiences across the world since 1983. Their powerful horns and solid beats fuse elements of hip-hop and funk to create an extraordinarily unforgettable sound. They will transport you straight to the French Quarter, and you’ll wake up the next morning with the best kind of hangover.

You’ve already heard their 2011 album Rebirth of New Orleans (you know, the one that won them a Grammy)…but if you’re a long-time fan you’ll know the importance of their 1991 classic “Do Whatcha Wanna.” Check it out below!

Rebirth Brass Band will be bringing the Big Easy to the BMI Stage Saturday night at 7:30pm.

See them LIVE at Landmark…Get your Passes now!