Greatest Hits from Nate Ruess’s AMA

Upon the release of his new album Grand Romantic on Tuesday, 6/16, Nate Ruess participated in one of the infamous Reddit “Ask Me Anything” sessions. In case you missed it, here are a few of our favorite highlights.

  1. Ruess discovered DC-based artist Teresa Oaxaca and just had to have her paint him “into her weird magical world.”

  2. His favorite song off of the album is “Take It Back.”

  3. This super creative fan made a Grand Romantic-themed jacket for Ruess – and he loves it.

  4. He says that the best part of performing live is hearing the audience singing his lyrics (take note, Landmark attendees).
  5. Image

  6. Ruess confessed that one time his tooth fell out on stage. What?
  7. Image

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