DC Eats + DC Beats

Foodies, rejoice! The DC Eats lineup has arrived, and it’s a good one. We’ve got a little something for everyone, whether you’re an omnivore, a vegan, or just plain picky. Food at festivals can be a make or break element – a great dish can enhance an awesome set.

Photo by Cambria Harkey

So, may we suggest some pairings?

George Ezra + Something Sweet

We’ve all swooned to Budapest; George Ezra is a dreamboat extraordinaire, sweeter than candy. Just imagine snacking on some Pitango Gelato while strains of acoustic guitar wash over you and that special someone. Even if that special someone is actually the gelato – especially if that special someone is actually the gelato.

Drake + Something Smooth

For Drake‘s set, you’ll want to enjoy some food that’s as smooth as he is. Maki Shop‘s sushi might offer some cool fish for a hot set. Plus, we all know from HYFR that Drake is no stranger to sushi. Then again, there’s the legendary Ben’s Chili Bowl – a hearty bowl always goes down smooth.

drake ice cream
Photo from Scorpios Eating Animal Crackers

The Strokes + Something Spicy

We all know that The Strokes bring the heat to their sets – so grab a taco to fuel that fire. Oyamel and Taco Bamba will be serving up something to add a little kick to your step – tacos, those magical little morsels of greatness nestled between a warm tortilla. Pile that salsa higher, please!

alt-J + Something Different

alt-J always brings alt vibes, so push yourself to try something alt – something you’re not used to. Are you a carnivore? Our curating Chef José Andrés’s groundbreaking new Beefsteak puts the focus on the veggies, with creative and healthy combos. Are you scared of foreign food? Ease into it with Southeast Asian cuisine at doi moi, or a taste of something greener at Amsterdam Falfelshop.

Chromeo + Something Cheesy

When Chromeo hits the stage, you can’t help but start cheesin’ hard. Even in the midst of showing off your fancy footwork, you’ll want to have a bite to eat to stay energized. The Big Cheese‘s grilled cheese or a Shake Shack cheeseburger might just do the trick!

In The Valley Below + Peaches

Okay, so it might be kind of hard to actually find some peaches at the fest, but hey…it’s a great song.

In The Valley BelowPeaches

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