11 Things Only DMV College Students Understand

1. Your family just assumes you work in politics.

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2. You laugh at all the freshman who get really excited about the monuments.

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3. Protestors don’t phase you, they’re just a part of the scenery.

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4. You can only pay your rent because the happy hours are so cheap.

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5. All your friends from home think that your life is the West Wing.

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6. You know the pain of arriving at the liquor store at 10:01pm.

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7. You’ve done competitive karaoke. You may have even won.

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8. Half of your friends intern on the Hill.

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9. East-West is lettered, North-South is numbered, and diagonals are states. Duh.

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10. Factoring motorcades into your travel time is second nature now.

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11. Everyone thinks it’s such a big city, but you know it’s really just a small town…and you can’t avoid your awkward hookups.

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