Who To See Before 4pm: Twin Shadow


When watching early sets of unfamiliar artists, often times after the show you’ll think “Man, that band killed it, I wish I knew about them before the Fest”. You won’t want to let that happen to you with Twin Shadow. George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow has a diverse sound that brings 1980’s new wave vibes. With three albums to date, his 2010 debut record “Forget” emerged with refreshing sounds and danceable beats.

“Eclipse” is the newest and biggest sounding Twin Shadow record to date, scaling monumental emotional heights and facing down intense anxieties and moments of naked vulnerability head-on with a remarkable clarity of vision.

Check out his hit song “To The Top” (featured in the film Paper Towns) below!

If you’re a die-hard Drake fan and plan on camping out for a front row spot all day at the Jefferson stage, you’re in luck! Twin Shadow will be performing Saturday at 2:30pm on the Jefferson Stage as well, so make sure to check him out!